My Pet’s P.I Smart Tag! Pink


Protect Your Pet Today!

Because they can’t speak for themselves.



  • Your pet’s public information tag features.
  • Photo of your pet
  • Medical information
  • Pet sitter notes
  • Groomer notes
  • Emergency call center just in case your pet is lost and found.
  • A lost notifications will be sent to anyone within 100 ft of your pet, with a smart phone/w Bluetooth technology.
  • No app required for Android phones. Iphones will need to download the app or scan the QR code on the device with your Iphone.
  • We can send out a “Missing Pet Alert” to all the pets all over the world wearing a PETS P.I tag!. This alert will also signal out to anyone within 100 ft of that pet as well, creating a web of notifications to help find your pet. All the pets working together to keep each other safe and sound.
  • A FREE digital Flyer will be created for missing pets, offering a reward for their return at your request.
  • All of your information can be configured from your smart phone anywhere, anytime.
  • “FREE SETUP” If you need our help! just call us or fill out the tech support form.
  • Battery included/ change after 6 month to 1 yr
  • $15 reactivation fee after the first yr